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Ligature Resistant Shower Valve, Handle, & Escutcheon Plate

Product Number: SV220

Cut Sheet

Installation, Operation, & Maintenance Instructions

BSP has designed and developed this ligature resistant shower valve, handle & escutcheon plate expressly to prevent injury by ligature. This can be readily seen by the recessed handle inside the sloped escutcheon plate. One of it's many unique design features includes an anti-friction ring to allow the handle to turn smoothly and easily to the on and off position. In it's current design, it must be installed in a wall that has a minimum depth from the back of the stud to the face of the shower of 3 to 3-1/2 inches.

  • All metal construction with polished chrome finish
  • Fully recessed, easy grip, anti-ligature handle
  • ASSE 1016 & UPC approved shower valve
  • Anti-friction ring maintains tight fit with smooth handle operation
  • Wall plate with putty groove for tight wall seal
  • Redundant sealing to prevent moisture migration
  • Handle meets ADA pull force requirements
  • Escutcheon plate & handle with variable rough-in
  • Valve body with integral stops
  • Valve cartridge includes integral check
  • Anti-scald mechanism
  • Valve body 3" to 3-1/2" deep (standard stud depth)